Alex Elliot Consultancy (AEC) Was established in 2019 to work alongside its sister company GNR Training who offer various training opportunities across the UK.

It was established by GNR that after learners had completed their qualifications with numerous training providers, in most cases were then left to seek employment on their own. It was as a result of this that the birth of AEC occurred to help individuals find their dream role utilising their newly learnt skills through the means offering a full service package between the two companies from training to finding work.

AEC’s Education Division focuses on helping recent graduates from GNR’s training programmes as well as candidates looking for new opportunities in education find their ideal role in schools and educational settings across the UK.

We believe that combined with our ability to upskill and further train candidates through GNR and our strict vetting procedure, that you as a school can rest assured in placing your trust in AEC to find you the right candidate to meet your requirements.

We constantly strive to better the service we deliver, and your feedback is always welcome. We pride ourselves on a quality service, taking the time to really listen to your specific requirements whilst finding out as much as possible about your school to help us match the right candidate to you.

Alex Elliot Consultancy maintains the company ethos operating the AEC way:


A – Approachable

E – Efficient

C – Conscientious


Phone: 01302  499 939

Unit 63

Century Business Centre


S63 5DA

Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm