Welcome to AEC,


Alex Elliot Consultancy (AEC) Was established in 2019 to work alongside its sister company GNR Training who offer various training opportunities across the UK.

It was established by GNR that after learners had completed their qualifications with numerous training providers, in most cases were then left to seek employment on their own. It was as a result of this that the birth of AEC occurred to help individuals find their dream role utilising their newly learnt skills through the means offering a full service package between the two companies from training to finding work.

AEC’s Education Division focuses on helping recent graduates from GNR’s training programmes as well as candidates looking for new opportunities in education find their ideal role in schools and educational settings across the UK.

We believe that combined with our ability to upskill and further train candidates through GNR and our strict vetting procedure, that you as a school can rest assured in placing your trust in AEC to find you the right candidate to meet your requirements.

We constantly strive to better the service we deliver, and your feedback is always welcome. We pride ourselves on a quality service, taking the time to really listen to your specific requirements whilst finding out as much as possible about your school to help us match the right candidate to you.

Alex Elliot Consultancy maintains the company ethos operating the AEC way:


A – Approachable

E – Efficient

C – Conscientious



Available Services


Alex Elliot (AEC) has several services for you to take advantage of. We currently support schools with:


  • Short term and longer-term cover assignments for un planned absence and pre planned cover

  • Block placements as a result of sickness, maternity and parental leave etc

  • Permanent placements utilising our 12 week no fee option

If you are struggling to recruit or need staff quickly, we can help! we have a large pool of fully vetted candidates that we are confident will meet your requirements.

Finding the right member of staff couldn’t be simpler all you need to do is give us a call and one of our dedicated staff members will talk you through the whole process and take over from there.

Let us manage your lengthy recruitment process so you don’t have to.

To find out more about how we source and vet our candidates visit the HOW WE VET page today, furthermore if you would like any additional information just give us a call.


How to Book


Booking couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is follow the 5 simple steps below;

  1. Give us a call and tell us exactly what it is you require and the length of the requirement – it’s always handy to give us as much information as possible to help us find the right individual for you

  2. We will take this information away and find you the right candidate for the assignment

  3. Once we have found and confirmed with the candidate, you will be notified and receive a booking confirmation with the individual’s details. All candidates will come equipped with their DBS, ID and Alex Elliot Candidate ID

  4. The candidate will bring a timesheet with them for you to sign at the end of the day to confirm they have visited you in preparation for payment

  5. We will give you a call at the end of the day to find out how the candidate has got on and obtain any feedback you may have, this enables us to build a pool of reliable candidates that you like, to service your school moving forward


How we vet and clear our candidates


At Alex Elliot Consultancy (AEC) we pride ourselves on a strict vetting procedure for all our candidates so that you as school can rest assured that staff are fully checked to high standard when visiting you on a short, long term or permanent basis.


  • All candidates will undergo or come equipped with:

  • An initial pre vet call to find out each candidate’s exact requirements and what they are looking for. This also gives us the opportunity to assess their capabilities and experience, to allow us to make an informed decision as to whether they will be an asset to you as a school.

  • Face to Face interview following a successful pre-vet call, all candidates will be invited for a face to face interview with us to go through the clearance process and get to know the individual better. This is our opportunity to collate their documentation to apply for their enhanced DBS and issue them with their AEC Candidate Passport that will be brought with them to every booking.

  • Enhanced Child workforce DBS on the Update Service all candidates will come equipped with an enhanced Child Workforce DBS that will be on the update service and will be presented on arrival at school and remain with them at all times.

  • 6 years of career History all candidates will be asked during the pre-vet call for a break down of their career history dating back for the last 6 years. This will be clearly highlighted on their AEC CV that will be available to you as a potential employer when recruiting.

  • 2 graded references will be taken and received for each candidate from their 2 most recent employers from the 6 year career history.

  • QTS check (if applicable) will be completed for all teaching staff to ensure that they have the relevant qualification to teach in the UK.

  • Qualification AEC will have on record each candidate’s most relevant qualification on file as a minimum requirement.

  • Overseas Criminal Clearance If a candidate has spent a period of 6 or more months either living or working overseas in the last 6 years it is a requirement that they obtain Overseas Criminal Clearance from the country/countries in which they resided.